Give the Gift of a Heart this Valentine’s Day


Sunia at the Salam Center in 2007
Photo Credit: Marcello Bonfanti

Sunia was 14 when she had an operation to replace a cardiac valve. It was important moment for Sunia and a momentous occasion for the Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery in Khartoum, Sudan due to the fact that Sunia was the Center’s very first patient when it opened in April of 2007. A lot of medical, technical, persuasive effort wenlogoSALAMt into the formation of the center and it all led to Sunia’s surgery, which was a success.

Since Sunia, the Salam Center has provided over 5,595 surgeries to people from all over the world and been the subject of the Academy Award nominated short documentary Open Heart. We are committed to providing free-of-charge, high standard cardiac surgery to those who need it and creating a network of medical excellence in the region.

This Valentine’s Day, if you would like to give people from all around the world the gift of a healthy heart by providing high standard cardiac surgery, click here to donate now. 

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