Photos and Reflections from the Arbat Camp in Iraq

10945813_10203736117264946_407945779123102705_o My mission in Iraq has come to an end and, like every time, I ask myself the question: Could I have done more? Maybe yes, I tell myself. But in any case, all my colleagues and I have tried to give and do our best. Within the space of a month, the displaced persons camp at Arbat has gone from housing 3,500 people to 16,000. They are tired, cold, hungry and, of course, many of them are ill.



One of EMERGENCY‘s clinics in the Arbat IDP camp, Iraq


One of the two tents that we set up in the camp to increase our capacity to see and treat patients.

The number of check-ups that we make has practically doubled; a lot of people, a lot of women with young children wrapped in blankets, all needing to be examined and asking to be seen straight away. Given the numbers, the hardest thing has been to “manage” them even before “treating” them. Up to now though, we’ve been able to do it, and we’ll go on doing it as best we can. Apart from the clinic that opened last summer, we’ve also set up two new tents with a doctor and a nurse in each. Alongside our professionalism and enthusiasm for our work, we mix in a good helping of positive stubbornness as well.

Thank you to everyone who supports EMERGENCY.

For you, a few photos and a big hug.

— Maurizio,
EMERGENCY Medical Coordinator in Arbat, Iraq

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