Shokoria, Survivor of Fighting in Sangin, Afghanistan


February 18, 2015

Fighting has been taking place in recent days around the town of Sangin in southern Afghanistan. Just yesterday our Surgical Center in Lashkar-Gah took in 17 patients (five of them children), while another two were already dead when they reached us. One of them was less than six years old and had been hit in the head by a bullet.6X3A2905

Today it’s the town of Marjah that’s witnessing the skirmishes; the explosions can be heard from the garden of our hospital. So far, seven casualties have arrived.

In the middle of this tragedy there is some good news though: Shokoria. She came to our First Aid Post in Sangin along with two other children, wounded by shrapnel that hit her in the head. Luckily, the craniotomy revealed no permanent damage to her brain and she seems to be out of danger. She’s currently under observation in the Intensive Care Unit, but the doctors are optimistic.

— Giacomo,
EMERGENCY logistician in Lashkar-Gah, Afghanistan

If you would like to help more child casualties of war like Shokoria by providing high standard, free-of-charge medical and surgical care, click here to donate now.

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