Teaching the Mass Causality Plan

Uzfo0sXnztUNlnPw8fxvZ18MeHJtxf3l-3Yn0mcCphw,6kG11hX9fe6Svyposay3B4xVlWpp0JK9Ni0uyr1HqcM 6aftAkoeRhOOBV_CVpLdn2yLY52qv_IpG0QNc-2oyt0,CoRt_ppaPAAAcQ59I0Bknmvnpxvwt5WUc7_Y7lm4H5As8qZ35EKAMKGIFSE3QAhRL8Yk9LIkveQmrRiwF_8O18,W9w-axtQVnnnKTZaZ6vmUCOZUFds8KCcZZRXiooWwysA “mass casualty” is the arrival of a huge number of patients in a short time – something that usually happens after fighting, explosions, accidents and so on. Managing a mass casualty isn’t easy: it takes organization, level-headedness, speed, and experience. In the gardens of our hospitals in Kabul and Lashkar-Gah, the tents are always ready to be put up in the event of a major incident to accommodate the patients and carry out triage. There’s a specific plan – the Mass Casualty Plan – that assigns a precise role to each staff member.

Unfortunately, over the years we’ve become specialists in managing this type of event. Often (too often) in our years working in Afghanistan, we’ve had to put the Mass Casualty Plan to work. Now, as you can see in these photos taken just a few days ago, we’re sharing our experience with the local health system, simulating Mass Casualty Plans for doctors and hospital managers.

“It’s been really interesting and constructive, and we’ve been inundated with compliments and requests for more training,” says Luca, our Medical Coordinator in Afghanistan, at the end of the day.

To help deliver coordinated emergency care to civilian casualties of war in Afghanistan, click here to donate now. 

3 thoughts on “Teaching the Mass Causality Plan

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