Our Anabah Hospital is Part of First Response to Panjsher Avalanches

10997509_10153028644481357_5970754649473075780_o“Yesterday morning I was informed that two of our staff buses carrying some of our local staff wouldn’t be arriving from Bazarak and Dara. Initially I thought it was because of problems related to traffic because it had been snowing incessantly for two days. I soon became aware, however, that during the night an avalanche had come through the road and hit the villages.

In the early afternoon we were contacted by local organizations that asked us if we were willing to send our ambulance to transfer some patients involved in the tragedy. We received two people, husband and wife, whose house had collapsed when the avalanche hit. The man was still in shock, the woman miraculously had no wounds or fractures but, having spent 15 hours in the snow, had signs of frost bite – especially in the legs. It was not easy to find a vein to inject hot liquids into and administer painkillers, but we did it; she is now in intensive care, under strict control given the risk of a heart attack. At the moment she is getting better, but we fear we might have to amputate a leg. We will see in the coming days.

The husband and wife survived; the other five people who were transported to the hospital did not survive the journey. Throughout the night, the locals dug in the hopes of finding more survivors. The rescue services were unable to reach the area because the roads were completely blocked by snow.

Today it does not snow, there is a general mobilization to reach the affected areas and those trapped; even now there are helicopters flying over the Valley.

Our colleagues who live in the affected areas all are unharmed.”

Medical Coordinator at EMERGENCY‘s Anabah General Hospital

To help more avalanche survivors in Panjsher, click here to donate now.

2 thoughts on “Our Anabah Hospital is Part of First Response to Panjsher Avalanches

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