Update from Lashkar-Gah: Shokoria’s Health Improves

EMERGENCY-AFGHANISTAN-SHOKORIA-02Shokoria started eating normally again the day before yesterday… and made a terrible mess with her spinach!” Giacomo, logistician at our Surgical Center in Lashkar-Gah, Afghanistan, brings us up to date on the condition of the little girl who last EMERGENCY-AFGHANISTAN-SHOKORIA-01week came to us with a head wound caused by shrapnel. “We’ve transferred her to D-ward, where the women and children are treated. She’s much better now. She’s conscious, and puts on a lovely smile when we tickle her. Our medical staff are optimistic. We all hope there won’t be any future complications from the injuries to her brain. She’ll be staying with us for another few days though.”

Meanwhile, the fighting is continuing both in the Sangin area and near Marjah. The number of patients we’ve treated at our Surgical Center in Lashkar-Gah in this last week is very high compared with the usual average figures, and we’re seeing the same trend in Kabul too, unfortunately.

If you would like to help more child casualties of war like Shokoria by providing high standard, free-of-charge medical and surgical care, click here to donate now.

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