8-year-old Haseb and Other Avalanche Survivors Come to Our Hospital in Anabah, Afghanistan

HASEBMarch 9th, 2015

Nearly two weeks after the avalanches that hit Panjsher and caused over 200 deaths. Lella, Medical Coordinator at our hospital in Anabah, brings us up-to-date on the condition of some patients:

“8-year-old Haseb [above] lost all his closest relatives in the avalanches. One of his feet is in a very bad state due to the time he spent in the snow and will have to be amputated. When we asked his aunt and uncle (the only family he has left) for their consent for the operation, they chose to go to another hospital to get a second opinion. It’s understandable; it’s not an easy situation. The only thing we could do was urge them to speak to someone as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.

Shahzada is 20. She lost her parents, brothers and sisters when their house collapsed under the weight of the snow. Her only remaining brother is a soldier, stationed in the south of the country. She too was in a precarious state when she came to us – frostbitten and with frozen feet. After a week in Intensive Care, however, she’s fully recovered; unfortunately, during her stay, we’ve discovered a preexisting kidney disease that’s getting worse. We’ve transferred her to a hospital in Kabul for specialized tests.

Bilema and her husband were the first to arrive here after the avalanche. She’d been trapped under the snow for a long time, and one of her legs was at risk. We waited a few days to fully assess the situation, but in the end we had to amputate it above the knee. Bilema is strong. She chastises me if I don’t go and say hello to her every morning. She’s grateful to be alive even though she knows she’s going to face great difficulties.

In recent days there’ve been more heavy snowfalls. Our thoughts are with all those people who are still isolated.”

To help avalanche survivors in Panjsher like Haseb, Shahzada, and Bilema by providing them with free-of-charge, high standard care at our Anabah Hospital, click here to donate now.

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