Our Hospital Responds to Mass Casualty Incident in Lashkar-Gah


Lashkar-Gah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

“Yesterday seemed like a fairly ‘quiet’ day,” writes our logistician Giacomo “then, around 6pm, we heard a loud explosion not far from our hospital. We soon found out it was just beyond the river, in the Bolan area. We put the Mass Casualty Plan into action straight away and set up the tents for carrying out triage of the casualties. Within 20 minutes, the wounded began arriving at the hospital, along with many staff members who were off duty at the time: those who could, came here at once to lend a hand. We took in a total of 29 patients, three of them already dead when they got here.

They were all examined and treated in the space of a few hours and our operating theaters worked nonstop along with the rest of the hospital.

Now we’re almost full, with just six beds free. And it was only yesterday that we finished the renovation work to create a new ward.

It feels like a storm has raced through, but in fact it’s just another day in Helmand.”

To help deliver coordinated emergency care to civilian casualties of war in Afghanistan,click here to donate now. 

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