Northern Iraq: One Health Clinic Transferred, Two More Being Built


Our program in a Khanaqin displaced persons camp is completed as we transfer our health clinic in the camp over to local health authorities. The Khanaqin health clinic treats at least 50 people a day. The illnesses seen amongst patients—gastrointestinal infections, skin infections, diseases of the airways—are mainly the consequence of the poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions in the increasingly expanding camp.

In Qoratu and in Tazade, near the town of Kalar, our staff are working hard to open two new health clinics where we will offer free basic healthcare to the inhabitants of the IDP camps where many are coming to escape the war.

“The work is almost completed, we still have to paint the buildings and set up the gardens,” says Raul, architect. “It was sort of a wager: whether we could build a human-centered building using the standard prefabricated modules. And the compliments we’ve already received about the care we put in the buildings tells us we’re hitting the mark. High quality healthcare in high quality facilities: that’s the idea we believe in.”

Meanwhile, our staff continues to serve the Arbat camp’s health needs with our two health clinics there.

To help deliver free, high standard care to people affected by conflict all around the world, click here to donate now.

2 thoughts on “Northern Iraq: One Health Clinic Transferred, Two More Being Built

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