Ali, Village Volunteer in Sudan


“EMERGENCY has given us the means; now I want to do my part and put into practice all that I have learned”

“My name is Ali Abdurahim Amdan, I’m 37 years old, and since I was 17 I’ve been living in the Mayo camp with my family. Since I finished school, I’ve been in a variety of positions: I worked as a painter, a cleaner, a bricklayer… One day, I heard about a clinic in the camp, they said Italian doctors were treating people without asking for money or any other kind of payment. Personally, I have always felt the need to help other people – I guess it’s typical of my family as my father works in a hospital in Khartoum – so, when the chief of Angola, the area I live in, asked me to enroll in EMERGENCY‘s Village Volunteers program, I decided to do it. I know the population of Mayo needs it: there’s a lack of nurses and people who can help the population avoid all the health problems that arise from living in such a degraded area full of rubbish, stagnant water, and extreme poverty. It’s a very dangerous place for our health and children are the ones who suffer the most.

I’m proud to have completed the Village Volunteers program. Now I am officially a Village Volunteer. I go around the camp to find sick children. I can help my community through information. I teach people how to recognize the most common diseases, how to correctly conserve and prepare food, and how to use water.

Now, with the help of other Village Volunteers, I want to give courses to the population of my area and to provide visits at home, so we can meet families and help them through health education. EMERGENCY has given us the means; now I want to do my part and put into practice all that I have learned.”

The Village Volunteers are part of the 3-year projectCommunity participation to strengthen basic maternal and pediatric health services in Mayo camp“, co-funded by the European Delegation in Khartoum (EuropeAid).

To help more people in Sudan access the healthcare they need, click here to donate now.

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