Kabul Updates: 14 New Specialized Surgeons, Casualties from Car Bomb


Group photo of the surgeons in training

March 25, 2015

Yesterday our 14 junior surgeons took the specialization exam for their respective course years at our hospital in Kabul…and they all passed!

“This is another part of EMERGENCY‘s work and we’re proud to be a part of it,” wrote our staff in Afghanistan.

The day began favorably with this news, but it soon took a bad turn: a car was blown up near the presidential palace in the capital, causing numerous deaths and wounding many more. Nineteen people involved in this serious attack were brought to our hospital; five of them were already dead on arrival. And as if that weren’t enough, another 12 people involved in other incidents around the provinces came to us within the next few hours.

The situation is extremely serious in southern Afghanistan too. Last week alone, there were three attacks in Lashkar-gah, the capital of Helmand – one of the most dangerous provinces in the country.

“The safety issue in Afghanistan is spiraling out of control: even in Kabul, attacks and shooting are daily occurrences. We take in injured people every day – our hospital in the city is always full,” says Luca, EMERGENCY‘s Program Coordinator in Afghanistan.

It’s been 13 years since the wear began and the situation in Afghanistan is out of control.

To help train new generations of surgeons and treat civilian casualties of war in Afghanistan,click here to donate now. 


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