Ebola Curfew Creates Difficulties for Healthcare Access in Sierra Leone


March 31, 2015

With around 180 patients, Monday is usually the most hectic day at our Surgical and Pediatric Center in Goderich. As you can see, our staff are used to big numbers, but yesterday was an even busier Monday than usual. This huge turnout is due to the fact that the Sierra Leone government instituted three days of curfew during the weekend (from Friday to Sunday) to stem the Ebola epidemic.

“People couldn’t leave so they had trouble getting to the hospital,” explains Sara, coordinator at the hospital. “That’s why yesterday morning, once the curfew had ended, there were already so many waiting for us outside the Center right from the early hours. We had 110 patients in the pediatric first aid section, 55 emergency cases needing surgery, and more than 90 people in the clinic – a total of 255 people in less than 24 hours.” These numbers bear witness to the importance of this hospital for the people of this country. A country that has not only been hit by Ebola, but also has to keep on facing all the health and medical problems that abounded before and that will continue to arise once the virus has been beaten back.

And while Sara and her colleagues work endlessly at the Goderich Center (the only hospital in or around the capital that hasn’t closed for a single day since the Ebola epidemic began), our staff of the 100-bed Treatment Center continue their work to halt the virus and treat the people suffering from it.

To help stop the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone, click here to donate now.

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