Strengthening our First Aid Posts


At our Lashkar-Gah Surgical Center, Aziz and Hanif, our Afghan Field Officers, are holding a training course for the staff of the First Aid Posts (FAPs) that we run in Helmand – one of the regions of Afghanistan where fighting is most frequent and widespread. The training of local staff is one of our priorities: it means we can always offer a high level of treatment and have some impact on the local area, showing that our commitment to the people of Afghanistan goes beyond “just” medical care.CAM01683

That’s why Aziz, Hanif, and other members of our staff have organized a week of practical lessons and training, attended by 40 nurses and health assistants who work at our FAPs in this region.

When they go back to their jobs, these staff members will be many people’s only chance for CAM01690receiving medical care, for being safety transported to a hospital (thanks to our ambulances) and, in the most serious cases, for receiving necessary urgent treatment. The importance of their job is echoed in the words of one father: “If it weren’t for the EMERGENCY First Aid Post, my two children would be dead. Instead, they’re alive and well; and, today I can take them back home with me.”

To help our staff reach more people in Afghanistan, click here to donate now.

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