Celebrating our Local Staff this World Health Day

World Health Day

This World Health Day we’d like to acknowledge the local staff from the five countries we’re currently operating in who make our programs possible. These are people who work continuously to provide free, high standard care to their communities and strengthen health access in their home countries.

Monjama and Salamatu Monjama went from Ebola patient to Ebola Fighter at our Treatment Center in Lakka, Sierra Leone. Monjama and other survivors are working at the Lakka Center and using their positive stories of survival to connect with these patients.
Staff member with a patient at one of our health clinics in the Arbat refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan EMERGENCY-IRAQ-ARBAT-06
VILLAGE-VOLUNTEER “EMERGENCY has given us the means; now I want to do my part and put into practice all that I have learned” –Ali, Village Volunteer who completed our health promotion training course in the Mayo camp in Sudan
Afghan surgeon Dr. Shah Wali talks to VICE News (full documentary) about the violence sending patients to our Lashkar-Gah Surgical Center
Health worker at our Pediatric Center in Bangui, Central African Republic

To support our local staff and help deliver high quality healthcare free of charge to people all around the world, click here to donate now. 


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