Our New Mobile Clinic in Iraq


In Iraqi-Kurdistan, we’re currently waiting for the new refugee camps to be opened in Qoratu and Tazade where we will be treating the camps’ inhabitants at our two new health clinics. In the meantime, our staff are traveling around in our new mobile health clinic to provide treatment for the Iraqi refugees living in the Salah-Aga area (about 200 families) and in the village of Qoratu (roughly 100 families). The mobile clinic was donated by the World Health Organization to the local health authorities, who tasked EMERGENCY with running the clinic.

In Iraq, the lack of medical access for refugees continues to be a humanitarian emergency. More than two and a half million refugees are in the country because of the fighting. The hospital system is unable to guarantee even the minimum conditions of hygiene, water availability, and water quality. Committed to helping address this crisis, we continue to treat refugees and IDPs at our two health clinics in the Arbat camp.

To help deliver free, high standard care to refugees in Iraq and people affected by conflict all around the world, click here to donate now.

3 thoughts on “Our New Mobile Clinic in Iraq

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