Our Qoratu Health Clinic has Begun Treating Patients

IRAQ-EMERGENCY-NGO-QORATU-CLINICEMERGENCY-NGO-IRAQ-QORATU-IDP-CAMP-CLINIC-02 “Since they first started staying here, the heads of the families have been arranging their assigned tents to make them more comfortable. Some are even turning their spaces into areas for business ventures. They are trying to return to the normal life that they were forced to leave behind due to the war.” Marina updates us on the newly opened Qoratu IDP camp in northern Iraq near Kalar where our new clinic has also begun operations. “At the moment there are 50 families, but another 200 are already expected to arrive from the Kulajo area in the next few days. Many of the patients who come to our health clinic here in the camp recognize us: they are the same people that we looked after in with our mobile clinic in the Salah-Aga area. By coordinating our actions, we are able to offer continuity in the treatment they receive, which is a step towards them reacquiring the rights that were taken from them by war.”

To help deliver free, high standard care to refugees in Iraq and people affected by conflict all around the world

3 thoughts on “Our Qoratu Health Clinic has Begun Treating Patients

  1. It’s confusing as to the countries in which each of these clinics are located! Perhaps in future E-USA postings the country or a map could be included!

    CG >


    • Hi Cathe,

      Sorry for the confusion! All of the health clinics mentioned in this post are in northern Iraq where there is a growing population of internally displaced persons (IDPs).


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