Supporting Mothers and Peace

13ANABAHmaternità13While an entirely different celebration today, early incarnations of Mother’s Day in the United States were put forth by women in peace movements that wanted a day to unite women and recognize and repair the human damage caused by war. In keeping with this tradition, we’d like to call attention to the mothers around the world today who continue to bear the cost of war and face barriers to a life of peace and health.

In Afghanistan access to proper maternal care is scarce. A woman dies every half an hour as a result of complications from childbirth. As part of our effort to address this need, we’ve run a Maternity Center [pictured] in the medically underserved and isolated Panjsher Valley for over a decade. Our Maternity Center, in conjunction with our network of first aid posts (FAP) and primary health clinics (PHC), allows us to provide crucial medical services to expectant and new mothers. Women from the area also serve as staff and are a crucial part of delivering high standard maternal care to the region.

As Mother’s Day approaches, consider the lasting gift of peace and what it would mean to mothers around the world.

To help mothers in Afghanistan receive high standard maternal care free of charge at our Anabah Maternity Center 

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