Supporter Spotlight: KB Solomon, Performer at our LA Benefit Concert on May 28

SOLOMONKB Solomon is one of the most prominent basso profundo singers, having performed principal roles with major opera companies worldwide for over twenty years. KB possesses a true bass voice that is a hybrid of rare ability. In 2009, KB was a recipient of The KPFK Peace Award. KB is currently touring 3 shows which he wrote and produced; “Almost A Cappella”, his one-man musical “Speak Of Me As I Am” a drama based on the life of Paul Robeson and his most recent reality documentary Halos For Humanity. His extraordinary vocal talent inspired millions of people worldwide.

KB Solomon will be performing at our Deep Melodies One Harmony Benefit Concert on May 28 in LA. The event will feature a diverse set of performers and will support EMERGENCY USA’s work of delivering high standard healthcare free of charge around the world and promoting universal human rights. Click here to learn more about the event and RSVP.

For more updates, click here to read EMERGENCY USA’s April e-Newsletter.

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