Forced from his Home, Dr. Adnan Continues to Treat Others

EMERGENCY-IRAQ-QORATU Adnan’s eyes glistened with tears when he told us his story.

For him, medicine is more than a practice: it’s his life. He’s been treating people for 40 years and now he’s working alongside our staff in Qoratu, Iraq, in one of the clinics that we’ve set up in Iraqi Kurdistan for refugees and IDPs (internally displaced persons) fleeing war.

One day, while we were working in the mobile clinic, he lowered his voice and shared his story: “It was about nine months ago,” he told us. “A day just like any other. I’d finished seeing my patients in Jalawla, my home city. For many of them I’d made appointments for further examinations on the next day, but that same evening the fighting arrived right on our doorstep. My wife, my four children and I had to escape immediately, leaving behind everything: home, hospital, patients…Jalawla is now a ghost town without electricity or water. Nobody lives there any more.”

Adnan now lives as a refugee in a little town near Kalar. Every day he comes here to our Qoratu clinic to help treat the many people in need. He welcomes everyone with a kind word and a smile; the war has taken many things from him, but it hasn’t managed to take away his human dignity and his sense of solidarity. For all of us, working with him day after day is a continual learning experience. Thank you, Doctor Adnan.

To help support refugees in Iraq and local staff like Dr. Adnan who work tirelessly to deliver proper healthcare to their communities around the world 

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