Anniversary of New York Times Magazine Cover Story on our Kabul Hospital



Gulali, 12, came to our Kabul Surgical Center after stepping on a land mine.
Photo Credit: Pieter Ten Hoopen/Agence Vu

Three years ago today, The New York Times Magazine featured “Pacifists in the Cross-Fire,” a cover story by Luke Mogelson on EMERGENCY, our Kabul Surgical Center, and our commitment to treating those caught in Afghanistan’s escalating conflict. The article features input from EMERGENCY Afghanistan Medical Coordinator Luca Radaelli and profiles patients like Gulali [pictured], who came to our hospital after stepping on a land mine.

Luke Mogelson tells The New York Times Magazine that he learned about our hospitals in Afghanistan through photographer Pieter ten Hoopen, who contributed photos for the piece. Recently, ten Hoopen visited our Pediatric Centers in Central African Republic and the Mayo IDP camp in Sudan to take portraits of the patients at the centers.

To help provide lifesaving surgical care to child casualties of war in Afghanistan like Gulali    

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