Why We’re Expanding our Kabul Surgical Center

IMG_2611The attack on the Park Palace Hotel in Kabul has momentarily drawn attention to what is happening in Afghanistan.

This violence shouldn’t surprise anyone, however. For years we’ve been registering an increase in the number of war victims in the country. The statistics tell a very clear story:

In 2014, the number of war victims admitted to our Surgical Centers in Kabul and Lashkar-gah was 146% higher than it was in 2010 because of the ever-increasing violence and fighting.

In that same period, the number of wounded children went up by 22%.

IMG_2615And the situation has gotten worse this year: from January to April 2015, there was a 39% increase in our number of admissions in comparison to the same period one year ago.

These numbers definitely do not describe a country in which “peace has been restored.”

At our Kabul hospital, we just opened a new surgery unit that is larger and better equipped. The unit contains three new operating theaters [pictured] along with intensive and sub-intensive care units in order to improve our capacity to respond to conflict-related emergencies. And, unfortunately, it is desperately needed.

To help provide free high standard surgical care to civilian casualties of the escalating violence in Afghanistan

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