Your Impact in 2014

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Thanks to support from over 2,500 individuals like you, EMERGENCY USA continued to grow in impact and program reach in 2014. It has been a busy year. Ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Central African Republic threaten the lives of innocent civilians. The surge of Ebola in Sierra Leone proved to be a massive challenge but one we faced head-on, providing state-of-the-art specialized care to those infected while keeping our surgical and pediatric facilities open when other hospitals closed their doors.

National media took note of the great work you support. Our pivotal role in the fight against Ebola was highlighted by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show, CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, AP, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, and local press. CBS’s 60 Minutes featured founder Gino Strada and our work at the Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan.

We look forward to expanding our impact on health and human rights in 2015 and remain committed to providing free-of-charge, high-quality healthcare and building long-term local health capacity. In the words of founder and war surgeon Gino Strada, “everyone has the right to be cured.”


To help bolster our impact in 2015 and allow more people around the world to receive high standard healthcare free of charge

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