Another Month of Increased Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

May has unfortunately continued the trend of increased casualties of escalating conflict in Afghanistan. In Kabul alone, admissions to our Surgical Center have grown by 60% compared to the same period one year ago and have reached the level that we saw last year in July – one of the months when fighting is usually most intense.

“The wounded are arriving from farther and farther away: Uruzgan, Khost, Paktika, Badakshan, Herat… the national Afghan health system is on its knees. More and more the provincial hospitals are sending their patients to us because they don’t have enough resources or personnel. Our surgeons work nonstop and we frequently have to call upon them during their day off due to the endless stream of emergencies,” writes Michela, our Medical Coordinator.

In response to the recent influx of patients, we expanded our Kabul Surgical Center with a new surgical unit with three operating theaters. In the coming weeks we’ll be opening a new intensive care unit, adding 14 new beds.

“June and July will probably be hard: here in Afghanistan, you can clearly feel the tension,” Michela states, “but I’m sure we can handle the increase in patients that the summer will bring.”

To help Afghan cvilians caught in the crossfire of growing violence receive lifesaving surgical care at our newly expanded Kabul hospital

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