Strengthening Afghanistan’s Health System Through Training of 75 Local Doctors and Nurses


Doctors and nurses trained in “Pre-hospital trauma care” at our hospital

Our hospitals in Afghanistan function not only as crucial points of referral for civilian casualties of escalating conflict, but also as training resources for local medical personnel. This year we’ve shared our Mass Casualty Plan procedures with doctors and health managers from the Afghan health system and hosted the specialization exam for 14 new junior surgeons.

In recent weeks our commitment to the specialized training of local personnel has continued. In May we trained 75 doctors and nurses in Prehospital trauma care, the immediate, local treatment of patients with traumatic injuries. The participants all work for the Afghan public health service in rural areas. We instructed them in procedures for stabilizing patients, providing initial treatment (essential for increasing the chances for survival), and transporting patients to the hospital.

These trainings represent that our commitment to providing quality healthcare in Afghanistan extends beyond our hospital walls.

To help support lifesaving care and specialization training at our hospitals in Afghanistan

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