16 New Beds Much Needed at our Kabul Surgical Center

EMERGENCY-AFGHANISTAN-KABUL-NEW-SUBICU“The hospital can now breathe a bit with the addition of 16 extra beds from the opening of the new subintensive care unit and the new general ward,” Michela, our medical coordinator in Kabul, Afghanistan writes to keep us informed of the expansions to the Surgical Center and remind us of how important these new beds are. “At long last we can abandon the laundry room, which we’ve recently had to use all too often as a ward.” The ever growing intake of wounded, in fact, forced us to create bed spaces wherever we could just to be able to treat as many people as possible.

We’ve been witnessing this increase for many months now, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. In the month of June we took in 330 patients. And the work keeps on increasing.

Summer promises to be very tough here in Afghanistan.

To help Afghan civilians caught in the crossfire of growing violence receive lifesaving surgical care at our Kabul Surgical Center

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