Pediatric Specialization Course at our Anabah Hospital


In addition to our courses in gynecology and surgery, which have been running for years now, a new agreement with the Afghan Ministry of Health allowed us to launch a course for a pediatrics specialization in our hospital in Anabah. The course will last three years and will entail international staff training local doctors.

The first participants in the course will be Amin, Rohullah, Fawad and Mateen, four of the six doctors who already work at the hospital. We gave priority to those who’ve been with us for longest and have received good results in the government-administered admission test.

The course uses classroom lessons (following the local curriculum) and on-the-job training. With around 900 children treated in the ER, 80 admitted for hospital care, and 200 treated in neonatal intensive care every month, practical training is a fundamental part of the program.

All the doctors taking part are excited about this opportunity: they’re building up their knowledge, their professional growth will be officially recognized, and they’re contributing day by day to the health of the children in the Panjsher Valley.

To help support our local staff working to improve the health outcomes of their community

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