2015 National Volunteer Conference

IMG_1416The 2015 National Volunteer Conference, July 10–12 in South Pasedena, CA, was aIMG_1422 stellar weekend and a great success. Volunteers from across the country (and world!) came together to share stories, learn about the latest updates from the field, and share strategies and plans for our mission of engaging people with our message of human rights.

The weekend began at with a celebratory dinner at Shaker’s IMG_1424Restaurant in South Pasadena. Supporters, board members, and staff alike all attended.

On Saturday, everyone gathered at the Fremont Center Theatre to learn about EMERGENCY program updates and larger issues affect the patients who come to our hospitals. The discussion included a brief overview of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone with an emphasis on its current state and its effect on the Sierra Leonean healthcare system. Also included was a screening of the VICE News documentary “What We’re Leaving Behind,” which shows the effect of the current escalating conflict on civilian patients seen at our Lashkar-Gah Surgical Center. Board member Dr. Nafisa Abdullah shared her perspective on the necessity of hope informed by her visits to our programs in Afghanistan.

IMG_1427Volunteers met Sunday to discuss the message of EMERGENCY USA, stories from past volunteer efforts, an plans for the future. All in all it was a very constructive and joyful weekend!

A big thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters who help spread our message of human rights and make our work possible.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities and events in your area

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