Our New Hezarak First Aid Post


Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan

To get there, you have to cross the mountains, following a long mule track that’s often impassable during the winter. When snow and mud cover the mountains, there’s only one way to get around the area of Hezarak: on foot.

This isolated area located around 40 kilometers from our Anabah General Hospital is where we opened our newest First Aid Post (FAP) last week to offer basic care to the inhabitants of the small villages nearby. With no health facilities in the area, people had no practical way to access the treatment they needed.

It was the representatives of the local community themselves who asked us to open a FAP. They even donated a building for us to use. For three months we’ve been training four nurses and two auxiliary staff workers in our hospital to operate the FAP. Now we’re ready a community in the Panjshir Valley that previously had no ways of accessing healthcare.

To help provide high standard medical care to people living in Afghanistan’s isolated Panjshir Valley

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