From Esther, Our New Mayo, Sudan Team Leader

“I came to the Mayo camp when I was a child. My parents had escaped from South Sudan, because of the war.

I lived here for many years and, even though I live in the city now, I come back here every day.

I’ve been working in EMERGENCY’s Pediatric Center for 10 years, so practically since it opened. During these years, the camp has grown bigger. Lots more refugees have arrived, though nobody knows exactly how many.

And EMERGENCY’s work has increased too.

Now, for instance, we’ve got a midwifery service for pregnant women, we’ve got health promoters, and we do lots of prevention work.

I’ve seen many children – more than 100 every day.

Some of them were in desperate conditions and we couldn’t do anything for them, but for many others this Center has been their lifeline.

I love my work. I know I really am useful for these people who wouldn’t be able to pay for their treatment. And, what’s more, I’ve just become a team leader: I’m so proud!”

Best wishes to the Pediatric Center in Mayo, Sudan, for its 10-year anniversary, and also to Esther, our new team leader there.

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