“I meet the gaze of Parmina, proud and dignified, while listening to the words of Sabrina, dry and candid as always. ‘She is four times unlucky,’ Sabrina says, talking about the poor girl of eight years, ‘because she was born in Afghanistan, because she was born a woman in this land, because she was hit by a stray bullet in the doorway of her house, while she was playing with her sister, and because she is now paraplegic.’

I wonder what will happen to her, what type of future she can have in this land with such a precarious future, what family she has around her, whether on visiting days there will be someone who comes to visit her.

Here at our hospital in Lashkar-gah there are currently several children with spinal injuries caused by bullets or shrapnel from mines. The future, for them, is a terrible enigma. Here we see them improve, we see them gradually recover their dignity, when they start to get out of bed and regain some autonomy while sitting in a wheelchair. The physiotherapy provided at the hospital achieves authentic miracles, but what will happen after these children have crossed the threshold to leave the hospital? We have no way of knowing.”

— Alberto, EMERGENCY NGO anaesthetist in Afghanistan

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