Update from Lokomasama, Sierra Leone

While the Ebola emergency is officially over in Sierra Leone, the epidemic has severely weakened an already struggling national health system. The need for health care support is still huge. This is why a few months ago EMERGENCY opened a new First Aid Post (FAP) in Lokomasama, Sierra Leone. The hospital offers free first aid treatment for people living in the countryside, where access to healthcare is extremely difficult.


National and International staff there are working 24/7 to guarantee high-quality and free-of-charge services; while Health Promoters are visiting the surrounding villages to inform people about the new centre and our activities.


Connecting the hospital with local communities is very important: it ensures people are informed about the possibility to receive free-of-charge healthcare, a quite unusual thing in Sierra Leone. Local Health Promoters, trained by EMERGENCY, are vital to provide people with basic information about healthcare and, most of all, to invite them into the hospital in case of injuries or accident. Gaining the trust of people from rural villages is fundamental to do our job properly. Local staff plays a key role in raising awareness about our commitment.

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