Story of Mammoud – Sierra Leone

“Monday is the “big round” day here at the EMERGENCY NGO hospital in Goderich, Sierra Leone. I follow Enrico (our international orthopedic surgeon) and Kambai (our Sierraleonese physician) in their visit to all our patients: they discharge those who have improved and can go home, they plan the surgical operations, they stabilize and follow-up the post-op patients.

We start from the kids. Mammoud immediately catches my attention; I have already seen him going around the hospital in these days, and I have been wondering what happened to him.

Mammoud has been here since last September. He was playing in his backyard when unfortunately he fell directly into the fire that was set up for cooking. Half of his face is now covered by bandages, but on the other half you can see him smiling. He is curious, he feels at home in the hospital, and he has already made a lot of friends. He lost one eye, but he is not completely blind. Our doctors were able to save his sight and heal his burns. This is an impressive result, considering that being a disabled person in Sierra Leone often means marginalization and poor livelihood.

Mammoud still has a long and happy life in front of him.”

— Laura, EMERGENCY staff


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