Field News from Libya: Najib’s Story

As Najib entered the operating theatre, his father approached us.

“My wife and I would like to go into the ward to see Najib before the operation,” he said.

22-year-old Najib was brought to our hospital in ‎Gernada, ‪#‎Libya, a week ago. Five days earlier, a bullet wounded his leg. After being taken to the hospital in ‪‎Bengasi, where he was given some initial treatment, he was transferred to our hospital.

We saw straight away that his condition was really serious: a vascular injury to the leg, which was also showing widespread signs of infection.

Our surgeons tried to do what they could but, unfortunately, amputation was the only possibility. We called his father and explained the seriousness of the situation, asking his go-ahead for the operation.

“His life is more important than his leg,” he replied, trying to hold back the tears.

Najib’s parents got here in the early morning to spend some time with their son before the operation. We helped them put on the lab coats, so they could enter the intensive care unit. Hand in hand, they went up to his bed and then hugged him, stroked his head and reassured him.

Seeing Najib’s mother talk so gently to her son and cuddle him made us think how nothing, not even war, can destroy the love and affection that bind people together.

–Marina, EMERGENCY’s Medical Coordinator in Libya


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